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    Brio's XY Adjustable hinges for timber and aluminium panels

    Brio’s adjustable hinge set, XY is ideal for French door applications of panels weighing up to 100kg.

    Overtime doors can sag due to high use and building settlement after installation, this sagging can cause panels to "stick".  Traditionally panels would need to be removed from the opening to reset hinge positions or plane down edges – the latter being impossible for aluminium panels.

    Brio’s innovative hinges allow manipulation of a panel in situ by providing easy vertical and horizontal adjustment without removing the door.  The low profile design of surface mount hinges makes them discreet but also allows quick installation for both timber and aluminium panels.  Meaning time and money are saved at install and through the life of the product.

    The patented design consists of 2 hinges with 6mm lateral adjustment which allow vertical float while a third, middle hinge carries the weight of the panel and provides 10mm vertical adjustment with lateral float.  Reducing the adjustment to only 2 planes means the compression between panel and weather seal is unbroken so systems can maintain energy-efficient performance.

    The XY hinges have been cycle tested in house to over 1 million cycles… and counting!  And are available in multiple finishes with a choice of cast alloy for 50kg applications and stainless steel for 100kg.  These non-handed hinges have also been designed with a specific offset so they can be used to replace a pivot kit in Brio's exterior folding systems Weatherfold 4s or 5c.

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