It has long been held that great architecture is accentuated through great lighting. So whilst an architectural landscape may be impressive and imposing in the day, even greater emphasis can be achieved at night.

Leading Lighting Specialist BoscoLighting’s new whitepaper explores the techniques and benefits behind efficient and effective exterior lighting. The focus is on a practise referred to as wall washing. This concept is being universally adopted around the globe, in a renaissance – a revival, a renewal, a re-emergence and blending of old and new.

The range and choice of products for wall wash lighting, has never been greater. Specialist products on the market are designed for washing facades, features and creating visual impact.  A variety of applications based on type, colour and intensity of light and washing required, are now on offer. These include units which are building-mounted, in-ground uplights, linear lighting, flood lights, stage and event lights, RGB / RGBW / RGBWA LED lighting for colour selection, available in various size configurations and mounts to meet definitive specification. 

Leading the market with choice, design and a fully customisable, energy-efficient range, is Australian company, BoscoLighting. The BoscoLighting wall wash lighting range is designed with creativity, flexibility and functionality in mind, whilst offering impressive savings in energy use. With a style and design for practically every application, you’ll see why BoscoLighting’s wall wash lighting suite is receiving national acclaim.

Click here to download BoscoLighting’s Arcthitetural Lighting Whitepaper now, or visit to see more practical ways to use wall wash lighting in your projects.

*BoscoLighting is pleased to announce that we have joined the BEAMS Arts Festival 2016 for another year sponsorship. BEAMS is returning to Chippendale for the 5th year running on Saturday 17 September. BoscoLighting is proud to be involved again for supporting creative ideas in Sydney communities.