LED lighting specialist BoscoLighting Pty Ltd introduces a new range of decorative streetlights to their amenity and architectural lighting portfolio. Combining advanced technologies and contemporary design, the new pole-top streetlights are perfect for a broad range of urban environments to suit applications such as area lighting and security lighting around buildings.

Key features of BoscoLighting’s decorative streetlights include efficiency reaching 115 LM/W; minimal energy usage; different power ranges available to meet a wide range of needs; waterproof with IP65 rating; integration with motion detectors possible; continuous operation at a fraction of the cost of traditional technology, increasing security and safety; and lightweight design for easy handling during installations.

The new decorative streetlights are ideal for parking areas, parks and gardens, pedestrian areas, and squares and plazas.

BoscoLighting's SORA and RONA series streetlights complement modern, contemporary or even historical architectures.

BoscoLighting also offers a selection of superior LED modular streetlights for new developments as well as renovation projects related to domestic streets, city streets and public squares, and major highways and expressways.