Trend Connection Homes selected LuxeWall architectural cladding from Bondor to create a standout finish on their new display home in Marsdon Park. In addition to providing a stylish and luxurious architectural finish that would appeal to prospective buyers, the builder was also able to take advantage of LuxeWall’s simple installation and speed of construction, while minimising disruption for the neighbours.

Trend Connection Homes addresses the needs of discerning home buyers in Sydney who seek high quality luxury finishes and exceptional value in a budget-friendly package.

Since standard lightweight cladding would not deliver the preferred outcome and brickwork was too expensive, Trend Connection chose Bondor’s LuxeWall cladding for the display home.

According to Trend Connection operations manager David Sims, “This is where Bondor’s LuxeWall cladding really came into its own. We looked at a lot of products for our Marsdon Park display home, where we were building a four-bedroom, double garage 247m² home on a 300m² lot.

“This home is specifically designed to maximise the small lot with a 10-metre width, but still have all of the ‘bonus features’ of a property such as double lock up garage, media room and a study.

“For display homes to appeal to our new home purchasers, a good attractive finish that stands out next to a home with standard cladding is important.

“With Bondor’s LuxeWall, not only does the product have the premium finish that our buyers are looking for, it saves weeks on cost of scaffolding during construction and offers simplicity in installation.

“We do a lot of small lot housing, so for us it’s not about the money, it’s about the time.

“Simplicity and speed of construction are key when building on small lots, particularly where scaffolding can lock out neighbouring builders or where there’s risk of brickwork damaging neighbouring homes and fencing.

“For this display home, the whole upper floor is LuxeWall, and being a small lot, close to boundaries, we were able to complete the build without affecting the neighbours.

“We were able achieve that ever desirable weatherproof lockup in a single process, with no multiple trades required with this system,” he said.

LuxeWall architectural cladding

A high-performance lightweight walling product, LuxeWall delivers an architectural finish that raises the bar for upmarket exterior finishes in the modern Australian home. LuxeWall has received excellent response from architects, developers and building designers who appreciate its advanced lightweight cladding technology that delivers both architectural beauty and climate control benefits, making the product ideal for sustainable and budget-conscious projects.  

LuxeWall’s high-performance integrated insulation delivers superior thermal performance helping to lower energy usage from inefficient heating and cooling systems that contribute to up to 40 percent of the energy bill in an average Australian household.