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    Blum Australia

    Blum’s hinge system for all applications

    With the innovative range constantly growing, Blum ensures its customers have the right fitting solution for nearly any door.  

    Blending harmoniously into the furniture interior; Blum hinges offer a range of different large opening angles to support access to the cabinet interior and can cater for darker cabinets with its hinges in onyx black providing even more design freedom. 

    CLIP top BLUMOTION 155° 0- protrusion hinge

    The CLIP top BLUMOTION 155° wide-angle hinge by Blum offers even more convenience with the tried and tested soft-close BLUMOTION integrated into the hinge, ensuring that cabinet doors close silently and effortlessly. 

    Being a wide angle 0-protrusion hinge, it’s ideal for cabinets with inner pull-outs giving ease of access, like the Blum SPACE TOWER unit.  

    The integrated BLUMOTION feature can be deactivated for individual hinges via a simple switch to ensure that even smaller or lighter doors boast high quality of motion. 


    Blum’s optimised CLIP top BLUMOTION 155° hinge with integrated soft close. 

    Design your furniture with thin fronts 

    CLIP top BLUMOTION for thin doors gives a large amount of creative freedom when designing furniture with special materials such as including chipboard, high-pressure laminate, mineral composite and ceramic. Suitable for doors of 8mm to 14mm thickness, CLIP top BLUMOTION for thin doors uses Blum’s EXPANDO T technology ensure a firm hold in hard and soft materials. 

    Thanks to the 0-protrusion, the hinge is suitable for cabinets with inner pull-outs, and also standard applications. This hinge promises the usual high level of Blum quality in furniture with a simple design, as well as innovative technology for the life of the furniture. 


    CLIP top BLUMOTION for thin doors

    CLIP top and CLIP top BLUMOTION

    This proven classic in the Blum hinge programme ensures every door opens and closes with reliable ease. 

    For soft close, simply choose CLIP top BLUMOTION, or for handle-less furniture design; TIP-ON mechanical opening support system can be combined with CLIP top (unsprung hinge) to provide a functional opening solution for handle-less doors.


    CLIP top BLUMOTION for proven function and perfect design 

    Whether a standard, profile door, blind corner, aluminium frame or angled hinge, with CLIP top BLUMOTION you can cover many different applications.

    • Blum hinges are available for different door heights, thicknesses and material including aluminium frame and glass doors
    • BLUMOTION ensure silent and effortless closing regardless of the door weight and closing speed.
    • 3-dimensional hinge setting for a uniform and precise gap design
    • Different large opening angles available to support access to the cabinet interior
    • CLIP-top BLUMOTION concentrates motion functionality into the smallest space

    Choose onyx black  

    Supporting the trend towards darker furniture, the onyx black hinge variant integrates harmoniously into darker cabinets creating new design possibilities. Common hinge types such as; CLIP top BLUMOTION in 110° design, CLIP top BLUMOTION 155° zero protrusion hinge, hinges for profile/thick door and blind corner applications and hinges for 45° angle are available in onyx black. To support handle-less furniture designs; CLIP top in onyx black is also available to use with TIP-ON mechanical opening support system. 

    Specifying Blum made easy 

    Located on, under support tools for Architects and Designers, dedicated areas are available with specific information including; specification documents, fittings for design trends, and furniture with Blum fittings.

    Click here, to view the full product range of Blum hinges, giving you the right solution for every application.


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    Contact Blum Australia

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