Open-plan learning spaces have now been labelled unsuitable for learning, as the NSW and Victorian government look to construct ‘flexible learning spaces’, which allow for open-plan rooms to be segmented with soundproof walls. At the same time, the Grattan Institute has called for a state-wide audit of public schools to identify and fix the problem of open-plan classrooms.

Open-plan classrooms, where dozens of students get together to learn in one large room, were popularised in the 1970s as a collaborative approach for learning. A University of Melbourne study on the effect of classroom environments on literacy development found some students showed slower rates of literacy acquisition when learning in open-plan classrooms. This was particularly evident in students with weak listening or attention skills. But many schools have now started to adapt their buildings with soundproof sliding walls to create smaller areas, known as flexible learning spaces.

Bildspec’s operable walls are widely used to assist in the transformation of open-plan classrooms into innovative, high-quality learning environments for students. They offer flexibility and adaptability for teachers/lecturers to provide opportunities for student engagement.

Key benefits:

  • Learning spaces become adaptable to accommodate small or large groups
  • Learning centres with flexible spaces allow students to use technology in a variety of settings
  • Opportunities to enhance skills in collaboration, communication, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity

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