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    BGC Plasterboard

    GTEK™ Wall and Ceiling Plasterboard - for a flat, smooth, blemish-free and monolithic surface

    GTEK™ Wall plasterboard realises a flat, smooth, blemish-free and monolithic surface that will readily take decorative paints and thin cover finishes. For residential and commercial applications where economy of effort and cost-effectiveness are crucial.

    GTEK™ Wall comprises a gypsum core wrapped by a protective liner-board. Recesses in the long edges help provide a smooth, continuous surface on installation.

    • Interior wall lining system for consistently smooth surfaces
    • Suitable for residential and commercial applications
    • Takes readily to decorative paints and thin cover finishes
    • Cost-effective, quick and easy to install
    • An excellent substrate for all types of decoration

    GTEK™ Ceiling is a 10mm plasterboard sheet designed specifically for ceiling use. Suitable for residential and commercial applications, GTEK™ Ceiling can be used in ceilings without sagging where ceiling joists lie at 600mm intervals.

    GTEK™ Ceiling is a lightweight, easily-installed alternative to standard 13mm plasterboard. Featuring useful recesses on the long edges, a smooth continuous surface is assured on completion of installation.

    • Residential and commercial interior ceiling lining system
    • Cost-effective: quick and easy to install

    GTEK™ Curve is a flexible plasterboard that enables the creative execution of curves on interior walls and ceilings. With its 6.5mm-thick design that may be bent around tight radii without wetting, GTEK™ Curve can easily be applied to timber or light-steel framing in a number of attractive finishes.

    Ideally suited to a flat, blemish-free surface ready for decorative paint and thin cover finishes for homes and offices, GTEK™ Curve can be fixed to timber or CFS (Cold Formed Steel), light-steel framing or masonry using plasterboard screws, nails or adhesive.

    • Freedom and flexibility to create contoured walls and ceilings on interior walls and ceilings
    • Saves time and money on curved surfaces installation
    • Quick and easy bending to small radii – no need to wet
    • Recessed edges for continuous surface once flushed
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