Palmers Glass offers a new range of eco-friendly glass splashbacks in beautiful colours.
Palmers Glass is a signature glazier servicing Sydney from its factory in Gladesville. The company uses Aqua Glaslack, a water based paint specially designed for glass to manufacture its coloured glass splashbacks.
Aqua Glaslack is a high quality water based coating for glass developed in Germany by Rhenocoll, a company that has been awarded with the German Innovation Prize twice since 2005.
The high quality glass splashbacks from Palmers Glass are available in a choice of vibrant colours backed up with a 15-year warranty from Rhenocoll. Thanks to Aqua Glaslack, the eco-friendly glass splashbacks are being manufactured without the harmful emissions and waste that were produced earlier with the use of solvents in the manufacturing process.
Aqua Glaslack is available in Australia through Besser Products .