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    Baines Masonry Blocks

    Retaining Walls

    Norfolk™ Retaining Wall Products

    The Norfolk™ Retaining Wall Block System is a Stepped (17°) Interlocking Wall System with a ‘rock face’ textured finish and a natural palette of colours to blend into any landscape setting.

    Developed to provide an attractive cost effective retaining wall of up to 900mm (subject to local council requirements) without reinforcement or engineers certification. Norfolk™ Blocks can be built straight, curved or terraced to fit the contours of an embankment. Each Block is made of high strength, low absorption, maintenance free concrete.

    Tasman™ blocks – Prestige and Quality

    The Tasman™ retaining wall system is the premium retaining wall product for near vertical and very high retaining walls. Its natural rock face finish and colours, and purpose made corner and capping units ensure a beautifully finished landscape solution.

    Features include:

    • Near Vertical Walls
    • Do it Yourself
    • No Concrete Footings Required
    • Wide range of natural colours
    • 90° Corners, Steps, Straight or Curved Walls
    • Walls to 660mm high without reinforcement or engineering (subject to local council requirements)

    The Tasman™ retaining wall system incorporates purpose made corner and capping units to achieve a classical  sandstone retaining wall appearance.

    The unique design of the Tasman allows increased flexibility over other retaining wall systems in the way it allows near vertical walls to curve or have 90* corners. The blocks are easily dry-stacked and their patented design ensures that the block below locks into the block above with a minimal 10mm setback to form an attractive structural retaining wall. The capping unit is adhered to the top course of blocks to finish off the wall.

    For walls over 660mm high, FORTRAC® geogrid is locked in every 2nd course of blocks to create a reinforced soil retaining wall structure. (See Design Tables). Seek specific engineering advice for walls over 660mm high, walls carrying car traffic or to comply with most council requirements.

    The Tasman™ system is manufactured with a water repellent admixture to add to its quality.

    Retaining Wall Blocks

    All concrete blocks designed specifically for use in reinforced walls are commonly known as retaining wall blocks. Baines makes a superior “H” pattern block for retaining walls. This block is preferred by builders and engineers for ease of filling and the better coverage around reinforcing producing a superior strength wall. These “H” blocks are made in widths of 140, 190 and 290 mm

    Also available are standard retaining wall blocks with the cut out for horizontal steel. These standard retaining wall blocks and clean-out blocks are also available in widths of 140, 190 and 290 mm widths.
    It should be noted that all Baines retaining wall blocks are made with Betta Block technology resulting in lighter but strong blocks that are also more environmentally friendly.

    Baines Concrete Sleepers

    Baines concrete sleepers are available in 3 original textures and many colours. All are manufactured using high strength concrete (35mpa) and reinforced with steel for increased structural strength. Baines sleepers are easy to install using steel posts. A combination of ‘H’ section and channel can be used to erect any wall. Angled corner posts internal & external are also available. Sleepers can be cut to any length to complete your wall. Engineering specifications are available from your supplier of Trojanstone retaining wall systems. 

    Baines Masonry is proud to bring SRW Products to Australia

    SRW Products have earned a solid reputation in the US for providing exceptional quality hardscape and concrete products. The SRW product range provides a mix of products for all your hardscape and concrete needs; including building, maintainance and protection of any hardscape project.

    SRW Products offers anything from specialised retaining wall installation products such as SRW Adhesive to cleaners, fabrics, sealers, accessories and more.

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