AZCOR Consultants , established in 1991, is a NATA credited laboratory that specialises in identification, risk assessment, control, evaluation and management of workplace health and safety. The health and safety aspects include asbestos and hazardous risk assessments, air monitoring and clearance inspections.

AZCOR Consultants have provided consulting and testing services for Australia and Malaysia. Asbestos and hazardous risk assessments, air monitoring and clearance inspections methods used by AZCOR Consultants adhere to NATA rules and regulations, ACGIH and NIOSH standards.

Some of the equipment used by AZCOR Consultants in the field and lab are air monitoring, fibre counting, sample and slide preparation, stereo microscopic and imaging, equipment maintenance, equipment calibration, cold chem and sorbent tube fridge, Menmart oven, equipment water, air monitoring, Aladdin video scope, Gibertini scales, Mettler microbalance and smoke machines, Risk assessment services from AZCOR Consultants include evaluation of type, concentration and toxicity of substance as well as their condition, friability and volatility. Other procedures include MSDS, monitoring and epidemiological data, workplace environment, location, machinery, plant and equipment, duration of exposure dose levels, physical disturbance, ignition and containment release, individual biological sensitivity and synergetic effects of other substances such as smoking.