AZCOR Consultants  is a health and safety consultant company and specialises in risk assessment, control, evaluation and management of workplace health and safety. AZCOR Consultants was established in 1991 and is a NATA Accredited laboratory. AZCOR Consultants specialises in providing occupational health, safety and hygienic services.

AZCOR Consultants has provided various consulting and testing services in Melbourne, country Victoria, Sydney NSW and Malaysia. AZCOR Consultants offers risk assessment services for asbestos and hazardous materials, gas, vapour, fume and dust air monitoring, job safety analysis and safe work procedures. AZCOR Consultants provides risk assessment services on ergonomics and noise surveys. AZCOR Consultants investigates and designs the workplace environment and ensures that the person is comfortable with the surroundings. This helps in making significant contribution in productivity.

AZCOR Consultants undertakes noise surveys in the workplace environment to determine noise levels and exposures. A certified OH&S trainer from AZCOR Consultants conducts on site awareness programmes. The programmes include information about particular hazard, risk assessment, applicable legislation and safe work procedures. A variety of training aids are used in the training programmes which includes Microsoft Power Point presentation, training notes, Q & A time and a guided walk through of the workplace.