Australian Pump Industries has introduced a new bushfire survival guide designed to prepare farmers and homeowners for the bushfire season.

Presented as a bushfire survival plan with up-to-date guidelines, Aussie Pump’s Fire Smart Guide uses the NSW Rural Fire Service’s ‘PREPARE, ACT, SURVIVE’ theme to take farmers and homeowners logically through preparation for defending properties in the event of a bushfire.

Aussie Pump’s Brad Farrugia explains that the Fire Smart Guide is their way of supporting fire pump users, by not only supplying great fire pumps but also helping people get the best fire protection irrespective of the brand of pump they use.

The Fire Smart Guide deals with the options of ‘stay and defend’ or get out of the way of the oncoming fire. Since a well-prepared home is more likely to survive and is also easier to defend, the guide shows how to prepare the home to ensure there is substantially better protection for the residents if they cannot retreat for any reason.

According to Farrugia, the free Aussie Fire Smart Guide is indispensable for anybody wanting to protect their property, stock, crops or home infrastructure. The guide explains how to set up sprinkler systems to provide household protection and details all of the basics of family fire drills, pump maintenance and selection.

Farrugia comments that Australian consumers have favoured the Aussie Fire Chief and the larger Mr. T twin impeller for over 20 years as these pumps are designed for this very purpose, delivering plenty of water at pressure to feed a roof mounted sprinkler system and supplying a fire hose as well. The guide also advises buyers to ask the right questions when selecting a fire pump.

The Aussie Fire Smart Guide is essential reading for anybody living in high bushfire danger areas including urban suburbs with bushland gullies.

Aussie Pumps’ Fire Smart Guide is available free from Aussie Pump distributors throughout Australia and can also be downloaded from the website.