Austral Bricks Design Studio in Sydney has won the Shop Fit-Out Award at this year’s NSW Master Builders Association Awards for 2012.

The studio operates as a retail area, creative zone and function venue, holding regular high-end architectural events.

Designed by Evolve Constructions Pty Ltd, the design studio has become Sydney’s design precinct for upmarket building products.

The trade industry and consumers together have the benefit of using the high end retail outlet and showroom when they are looking for building materials such as bricks, pavers, retaining all blocks, stone, roof tiles and the Brickworks product range. All of this is located in one convenient location – Carrington St in Sydney.

It is the venue of choice for functions held by the Australian Institute of Architects, dArch, DTech, In House Group and Dulux, just to name a few.

Staying true to style, the showroom features a complex three-dimensional feature wall, and a decorative masonry and plasterboard boardroom wall. It also showcases innovative displays to help with the selection process, and expert advice and product selection can be found.

The creative and imaginative displays can be browsed while enjoying a freshly brewed coffee made in the studio, such as a 3D masonry wall which demonstrates how bricks can be an element in modern design

All of Austral Bricks colour and finish options for its brick, masonry and roof tiles are on display, as well as its paver range.

Austral Bricks general manager marketing Brett Ward said, “The studio is a totally new concept to provide a sophisticated space for architects, designers, and developers to host their event in style. It encourages the trade industry to bring their clients into the studio so they can be inspired by the beautiful environment. It’s also great for homeowners looking for inspiration for their home.”