Austral Bricks  in Queensland has launched two new brick ranges, bringing new colours and textures to meet emerging trends in the market.

The new Austral Bricks Reveal and Luxe brick ranges have been developed as contemporary brick options for architectural projects in consultation with the Queensland market. Combining form and function to offer all the benefits of building with bricks, the new clay face bricks come in an extensive range of colours and textures to offer enduring finishes for residential homes.

The Austral Bricks Reveal Collection has been developed using a new production technique to reveal the natural aggregate of clay bricks to give extra colour, depth and a unique texture. The range is available in five clay colours including black, grey, red, tan and taupe.

The Luxe range from Austral Bricks delivers the proven, enduring qualities of bricks with scale, texture and thermal mass, while adding extra robustness and additional dazzle. This range has been developed using a highly innovative process to bind a glaze to the brick within, offering genuine colour from face to core.

The manufacturing process allows the texture of the Luxe range to look refined and stay true to the characteristics of natural clay. Luxe clay bricks are available in three rich, indulgent colours that promise to age gracefully, and include Fossil, Midnight and Burgundy.

According to Ms Eve Castle, Marketing Manager for Austral Bricks in Queensland, the new brick ranges have been developed in response to the demand from interior designers and colour consultants who wanted more options with texture as well as colour to help create interesting patterns and effects.
She adds that the colour palette of both the Luxe and Reveal range will complement other building materials such as glass, timber and steel.
Key benefits of clay bricks:

  • Cost effective building material that is resilient and environment-friendly
  • Ability to withstand the harsh Australian sun, icy winters and monsoonal downpours
  • Requires very little ongoing maintenance, unlike other building materials
  • Superior comfort inside the home from less noise, more protection and up to 25% reduction in cooling and heating bills
  • Thermal mass and climate sensitive design lower carbon emissions through reduction in space heating and cooling
Austral Bricks is part of the Brickworks Building Products Group, one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of bricks, pavers, masonry blocks, retaining wall systems, precast concrete panels, façade systems and landscaping products.