Success when installing new floor coverings depends greatly on the selection of good quality moisture barrier products to accept the overlaying material.  Installers are responsible for determining the suitability of the subfloor before laying flooring materials, which can require extensive testing and professional evaluation to properly analyse the test readings. 

An experienced and capable contractor can evaluate the condition of the concrete subfloor from an initial visual inspection, including scratch hardness, smoothness, and flatness, and make a judgement as to the best course of action for repairs/remodelling.  The moisture content of the concrete, however, is an unseen condition, which generally requires testing.

At a glance, the concrete subfloor may appear dry.  Only after being sealed with an impervious floor covering might a moisture problem appear the rectification of which can cost up to three times the original placement price.  Moisture problems also increase the likelihood of issues with alkaline pH attack, which causes degradation of the vinyl adhesive, and in some cases can also attack the floor covering itself.

For a professional finish, ARDEX provides two complete moisture barrier systems which ensure that Australian Standards are met.

The ARDEX WPM300 Hydrepoxy Moisture Barrier System provides protection against capillary and hydrostatic moisture on structural concrete substrates.  Having been on the market for many years, WPM300 has a proven track record as an effective epoxy barrier against moisture, and offers a cost effective solution for installers.

The ARDEX WPM368 Moisture Barrier is a new one-part system based on modified VA-SBR co-polymer technology. Whilst ARDEX WPM300 is recommended for critical applications, this one part solution eliminates the need for a primer prior to the installation of a smoothing cement. 

With the use of both of these products, the cured/dry moisture barrier is protected by a minimum 2-4mm layer of an ARDEX floor leveller, which provides a smooth hard flat surface for the standard installation of most conventional floor coverings and applied coatings.  This includes parquet, rubber flooring, sheet and tile vinyl flooring, direct stick carpet, cork, and many more materials.

Proper preparation of the subfloor is an important factor in achieving an effective bond between the cement surface and the moisture barrier product.  The steps and methods required to properly prepare the subfloor depend on the condition of the subfloor and its surface.  For example, some surfaces might require short blasting or diamond grinding to expose the clean, sound porous matrix of the substrate, however both ARDEX moisture barrier products can be effectively applied once subfloors have been properly prepared. 

ARDEX moisture barrier systems have been engineered for outstanding performance across many applications. Non failure in these areas is critical which is why so many professionals rely on ARDEX for complete system solutions including surface preparation, moisture barriers, self-levelling cements and flooring adhesives. 

Visit to download a project system recommendation. By answering guided questions regarding the project, you will receive a full instant system specification from ARDEX.