In less than a month the air conditioning, refrigeration and building services industry will gather at ARBS 2018 – the preeminent event on the HVAC&R calendar. Set to showcase new innovations and technologies; ARBS connects local, national and international exhibitors with major buyers, specifiers, designers, consulting engineers and technicians.

But ARBS, which returns to Sydney on the 8-10 May 2018 at the International Convention Centre (ICC), is not your typical tradeshow, exhibition goers can also attend the highly anticipated Speaker Series program for an update on industry issues, and then celebrate into the night at the ARBS Industry Awards. And the show floor will buzz with the new smart building precinct IBTech@ARBS including the just announced presentation by Google; stop by the Product Presentation Theatre and see exhibitors presenting all the latest and greatest gear; and don’t miss the industry newcomers participating in the Worldskills competition. All this plus over 300 exhibitors offering unrivalled access to the latest in HVAC&R in the southern hemisphere.

Since 1998, ARBS has provided a unique forum for the entire industry to connect and develop mutually beneficial business relationships, to source and discover the latest products, systems and service evolutions and to share knowledge of emerging technologies, methodologies and best practice. If you are involved in HVAC&R or building services, then you cannot miss this major industry event. Quick and easy pre-registration is available online which grants free entry across all three days – visit


The exhibition facilitates the exploration of cutting-edge intelligent building technologies and solutions in the brand-new show floor precinct, IBTech@ARBS. Data and technology is transforming our built environment and as smart building solutions continue to evolve, they allow property developers and owners to reduce costs, improve energy efficiency and enhance occupant comfort. Recent advancements have meant greater integration and interoperability between key systems, resulting in highly sophisticated building control strategies. IBTech@ARBS examines this and more through a series of displays, presentations and hands-on sessions.

Just announced is the Insight Series presentation by the Strategic Cloud Engineer from Google, Shyam Govardhan. Held within the new IBTech@ARBS precinct, the presentation will look at the combination of Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IOT) and Machine Learning which presents unique opportunities to the building automation industry by enabling the creation of innovative products to deliver improved occupant comfort, efficient operation of building systems, reduction in energy consumption and operating costs, and improved life cycle of utilities. This session focuses on the technologies, trends and solutions that enable product makers to glean actionable insights from a wide range of embedded devices at scale, in real time.


Alongside the exhibition, and of interest to the A+D industry, will be the Speaker Series – a full seminar program which will see industry leaders and experts present on an array of topics and management issues whilst facilitating discussions on how we can better design, control and innovate to sustainably and efficiently transform our built environment. The Speaker Series presentations enable you to connect with peers and remain informed and inspired by exploring the future of HVAC&R and the built environment.

Building HVAC&R Resilience for a Changing Climate

Join the AIRAH Special Technical Group who want to challenge the notion that resilience should cost the building owner more. Good resilient design should extend asset life, improve comfort and decrease running costs – resulting in lower whole-of-life cost.

Real life case studies demonstrating resilience in practice will be explored including; Stocklands’ approach to resilience across their portfolio and The Commons – residential resilience in heatwaves through good design. The role of technology in resilience will be examined in addition to Smart BMCS to pre-empt heat waves and more stringent testing conditions for equipment.

Presented by: Paul Stoller, Managing Director, Atelier Ten; Nicki Parker, Brisbane Sustainability Manager, Norman, Disney & Young; Lasath Lecamwasam, Building Services Engineer, ESBS Consultants; Yale Carden, Founder & Managing Director, GeoExchange Australia Pty Ltd; and Greg Johnson, National Sustainability Manager, Stockland.

Soft Landings Case Study: A game changer for the Australian Building Services industry

Originating in the UK, the Soft Landings concept has been adopted in Australia, with Green Star allocating it ‘Innovation Challenge’ status. A case study involving a 30,000m2 office development in the ACT will be critiqued during this session outlining valuable lessons learnt and some surprising outcomes. Authors of the Australia and New Zealand Soft Landings Framework will also provide an update on the principles of Soft Landings, including how it can be a ‘game changer’.

Presented by: Steve Hennessy, National Manager Sustainability, WT Consultancy and Phil Cowling, Director, Cromwell Property Group.