Melbourne-based landscape architecture studio KPLA used a combination of paving planks and plants for the front and rear courtyards of a renovated heritage house in Middle Park, VIC.

The traditional façade of this heritage home conceals a modern renovation and extended interior, which leads to a stunning pool tucked away in the private rear courtyard.

Landscape architect Kate Patterson chose slender paving planks for the front courtyard; the pavers are laid in a banded paving pattern, and become more dispersed as the paving is taken over by a selection of plants in the front garden. Pavers installed in pairs, run alongside the entrance to the home, pointing towards the rear of the residence to the private courtyard.

An inviting plunge pool is the highlight of the concealed courtyard behind the home, and is aligned with the main hallway inside the house to present an extended sightline. The familiar staggered paving layout is continued here, establishing a visual connection with the front garden.

Flowering plants and shrubs interspersed across the courtyard soften the crisp pool and paving edges, integrating the soft and hard elements to achieve a balanced landscape.