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    Anston Architectural Products

    Luxury concrete paving & pool coping

    Anston is recognised in the landscape industry for the supply of exquisitely crafted cementitious paving and pool coping products. All products are sourced and made in Melbourne using varying compositions of Australia’s finest quality natural stones and sands, resulting in 25 gorgeous natural colours across four distinct paving ranges.

    Pavers are typically supplied in a light, medium or heavy shot-blasted finish, resulting in a textured, slightly rough surface finish that elegantly showcases the raw beauty of concrete. Honing or polishing of pavers is also available upon request, which are techniques that result in a smoother surface.

    A Size That Suits All

    Over 150 sizes are included in the standard product range, starting from 100mm x 100mm cobbles and extending all the way to large format pavers sized 3000mm x 600mm. Circular pavers are also available and prove to be a popular option, especially when used as individual steppers. Clients can benefit from the diversity of standard sizing options without incurring additional lead times or charges associated with building custom moulds. For paving sizes that do not fall within the standard sizing range, these are available as bespoke orders. Anston’s in-house steel fabrication facilities enable the creation of bespoke moulding, which allows customers the freedom to use unique sizes or to incorporate curves, corners or slanted edges into their paving layouts.

    Pool Coping Profiles

    Anston pool coping is available in three different profiles which are, listed in order of popularity, square edge, drop-down and bullnose. The key differences between Anston paving and pool coping are that coping pieces are slightly thicker than paving units (50mm versus 46mm) and are blasted on the visible coping edge as well as on the top face, compared to paving units which are only blasted on the top face.

    Curved coping, corner coping pieces, double- and triple-blasted coping pieces are also available, catering to a wide variety of coping configurations and organically shaped pools.

    Pool coping units are versatile and can also be used as step coping for the construction of stairways.


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