Design for the commercial sector is changing. Offices, healthcare facilities, and hospitality and retail spaces are no longer bland, colourless environments but are instead rightly regarded as perfect opportunities for creative expression. Designers are now exploring new ways to bring colour, texture, and style to commercial spaces without compromising on functionality or performance or consuming precious floor space. As a consequence, solutions such as custom walling and murals – which are integrated into existing walls and have no additional space requirements – are fast gaining popularity across the commercial sector.

Specially designed to meet this growing market demand, Altro Whiterock Digiclad™ is the ideal custom walling solution for a breadth of commercial environments. Combining the low maintenance, durable, and hygienic surface of Altro Whiterock walling with high-resolution photographs or vector artwork, Altro Digiclad™ brings unmatched style and functionality to interior spaces. The versatile wall sheets can accommodate virtually any image or graphic and easily transform and elevate any interior space, from single rooms to hallways and entire facilities.

Altro Digiclad™ brings a revolutionary degree of design flexibility to one of the most essential – and often overlooked – architectural elements: the wall. By reimagining walls as a canvas for customisation and artistic expression, the unique solution provides designers with new scope to create a strong sense of space or craft a distinct atmosphere. Altro Digiclad™ allows designers to bring design flair into unconventional spaces, using colour and texture to enliven everything from hospitality settings and offices to healthcare environments and education spaces.

Design Flexibility

From murals and decals to vibrant patterns, artworks, and stunning high quality images, Altro Digiclad™ is limited only by the designer’s imagination. The 2mm thick uPVC sheets can accommodate any vector graphic or high-resolution image and are ideal for large feature walls where picture quality and a seamless finish are crucial. Bright colours, playful vector collages, and bold graphics can be used to create a positive and uplifting atmosphere in paediatric hospitals and other healthcare environments, while striking geometric patterns and 3D textures can create elegant, sophisticated spaces in offices and lobbies. For a truly unique, immersive spatial experience, photographic murals and artworks can be printed at human scale and in strikingly detailed, high quality.

Altro Digiclad™ is also a valuable tool for exploring the benefits of biophilic design. Research has shown that biophilic design – which incorporates natural elements into architecture and interior spaces – significantly enhances user wellbeing and comfort by tapping into the instinctive bond between humankind and nature. Biophilic design has been shown to significantly hasten the healing process in healthcare environments, reduce absenteeism in offices and education environments, and increase productivity and boost occupant mood in all spaces. By printing Altro Digiclad™ with photographs of nature or other nature-inspired elements, designers can easily incorporate biophilic design and its many benefits into virtually any commercial environment.

High Functionality

Endlessly customisable, Altro Digiclad™ is as functional as it is decorative. In addition to murals, decals, and feature walls, it can be used to easily incorporate branding, wayfinding, and signage elements into the architecture itself. Perfect for lobbies or corporate spaces, Altro Digiclad™ can be printed with logos or specified in company colours to integrate branding and imbue a space with a strong corporate identity. Signage and wayfinding elements can also be incorporated, eliminating the need for separate plaques and thus streamlining costs, trades, and installation and maintenance requirements. Additionally, Altro Digiclad™ can be used to permanently display safety protocols without the risk of fading, damage, or accidental removal; this characteristic is particularly valuable in hospitality or other high-traffic environments where the display of emergency exit routes and fire safety plans is imperative.

Low Maintenance

Altro Digiclad™ is designed and engineered to last. All inks used to print images and graphics are resistant to scratches and surface damage and are specially cured to ensure an extended lifespan. Stabilisers incorporated into the ink provide excellent UV stability, preventing discolouration and cracking over time and with exposure to natural and artificial light – an important characteristic for installation sites near windows and skylights.

A practical alternative to tiles, Altro Digiclad™ is impact resistant, grout-free, and easy to clean. As part of the Altro Whiterock product family, its tight molecular structure prevents the ingress of moisture and odour, making it the ideal solution for healthcare and food service environments where hygiene is of the utmost importance. Free of joints and seams, Altro Digiclad™ surfaces can be easily wiped clean and are not prone to the build up of dust, dirt, and other debris. An enhanced hard coating can be specified in high traffic or demanding environments to provide the ultimate protection against scratches and other surface damage.

Fast Installation

As it is a fully customised product, Altro Digiclad™ requires a short leadtime for production and delivery. Throughout the design process, a member of Altro’s experienced customer service team is on hand to provide support and guidance as to cost, technical requirements, and image selection. Once designers have selected their desired high-resolution image or vector artwork, Altro will confirm whether the graphic is suitable for large-scale printing and provide advice in the event that it is not.

Following the selection and approval of an image, designers can chose between three lamination options: gloss, matt, or anti-graffiti. Altro then carefully inspects the printed Altro Digiclad™ panels prior to shipping, which typically occurs 8-10 weeks after the initial specification.

Altro’s renowned customer service extends beyond the delivery stage, with all Altro Digiclad™ panels installed by a professional installer trained at the Altro Whiterock Installation Clinic. Their high degree of specialist skills and knowledge ensures that the final installation aligns with Altro Digiclad™ in every way: precise, striking, and unrivalled in quality.