When people begin a new home improvement plan, it is essential to think and work out exactly what will suit them and their home.

Installation of timber sash windows, available from Adelaide Custom Made Windows and Doors , is an important home improvement plan, which many people consider doing.

People should consider their comfort and settling on to improve the home with replacement doors or timber sash windows is a part of that.

Commencing their first appearance towards the end of the seventeenth century right up to the present day, timber sash windows have been used in every class of building.

The timber sash windows, available from Adelaide Custom Made Windows and Doors, are the windows that slide up and down and may have a locking apparatus at the top of the sash.

Some timber sash windows are single, sliding one way only, while others are twofold, with both top and base panes able to move.

The traditional timber sash windows are made in such a way that they can be easily dismantled for repair or for restoring broken sash cords. The major problems with timber sash windows include decay, swelling or distortion of the woodwork, rattling in the wind, and problems brought on by careless application of paint.

Typical timber sash window problems likely to be encountered include:

  • Cracked and flaking paintwork: The outside of the windows should be repainted at intervals of five to eight years.
  • Sticking windows: Usually the result of either careless replacement of staff bead, following repair, which is easily remedied, or a build up of paint, which needs to be removed
  • Failed putty and broken glass panes: These are comparatively easy to replace.
  • Broken cords: In former times people re-corded their own windows - the cords and sash weights were available at any ironmongers
  • Timber decay, particularly to the bottom rail: fillers are priceless for minor decay and surface flaws where the potency of the timber is unchanged; slack corner joints can be reinforced by means of corner brackets which can then be painted over; and more significant repairs can be carried out by any competent joiner.

Sash windows have sustained to be urbanised and sophisticated over many centuries, as current techniques and materials improved these were soon incorporated into the timber sash window.