Activo Maintenance Products supply the BJ range of bridge expansion joints, approved by road authorities.

Activo supplies and installs the Miska BJ range of robust and hardwearing bridge expansion joints.

Sturdy structural aluminium retainers on the Miska BJ1 and Miska BJ6 bridge expansion joints are constructed from high strength, corrosion resistant aluminium alloy.

The Miska FC446 Flexible Epoxy is installed after the road surface is laid with the bolt/fixing cavity filled with epoxy providing a smooth, bump-free bridge.

The expansion joints are designed to accept a continuous, durable Miskaprene gland through the hollow grip in the extruded aluminium section. This prevents dirt, stones and debris from binding the joint.

The gland also facilitates the protection of the bridge bearings against the damaging of rainwater and petro-chemical run-off.

The expansion joints are easy to install and maintain with simple insertion, placement and removal of the gland.

For further information on the Miska BJ range of expansion joints, please contact Activo Maintenance Products.