Ability Building Colours presents duro paint, a versatile range of environmentally-safe exterior and interior paints and protective surface coatings made with ‘Clean Air’ technology.

Available in a broad palette of UV resistant decorative colours, the duro paint range includes STIPPLE, MATTE and LOW SHEEN paints. With zero solvents and low VOCs, these products are odourless, easy to apply, extremely resistant to both weather and traffic wear, and durable for decades.

duro paint is an anti-corrosive paint that helps iron and steel surfaces resist rusting, and has exceptionally high resistance to UV, oxidation, weathering, abrasion and chemicals.

duro paint is recommended for the rectification of rain-damaged, pitted concrete pavements and suspended slabs. The paint’s 100% solids formulation can provide an extremely high protective Dry Film Thickness (DFT) up to 500μm for the recommended two coats. duro paint combines hardness, flexibility and excellent adhesion with very low shrinkage, thereby reducing the risk of cracking, lifting or flaking.

Additionally, the paint’s watertight formulation provides protection against water permeation and corrosive salt/ chemical solution ingress.

The broad duro paint palette allows colour matching to almost any colour for a project. The attractive slightly-stippled texture finish provides high resistance to skidding and slipping, increasing safety.

Easy to use and apply with regular paint application equipment, duro paint can be used with a variety of application methods to provide various architectural or decorative effects.

duro paint comes with a guarantee of 20 years against flaking, lifting and peeling when applied as recommended to a vertical surface.