Now available from Australian Aluminium Finishing, EverShield Internal is a hard wearing and durable high grade anodising that provides a spectacular metal lustre with a hard scratch resistant finish.

As hard as a sapphire, EverShield Internal anodising is a specialised high grade anodising with a dense pore structure that results in a scratch resistant surface that will be elegant and long lasting.

Available in three different surface finishes; Matt, Satin and Bright (gloss), it is possible to achieve a superior finish that will perform for years with EverShield Internal anodising. If EverShield Internal anodising in the Bright finish is chosen customers can be confident that it will not only produce a bright and vibrant finish but will be more scratch resistant and free from orange peel than the other finishes.

Australian Aluminium Finishing regularly supply this interior anodising for use on shower screens, wardrobes and office interiors throughout Australia, as well as for more commercial applications such as in bars, restaurants, foyers and casinos.