The slates roofing system is three hundred million years old and the slate roofs offered from A1 Roofing lasts for one hundred and thirty years. Laying of slate roofs is considered as an art where an individual piece of slate is placed on the line of roof pitch. This laying process is considered as an ancient craft.
There are many benefits in using slate as a roofing or flooring tile for a commercial project . Besides the natural looks of a slate tile, the benefits include low maintenance, a long lifespan, various selection of sizes and colors, protection from fire and are invulnerability to rot and insects.

When A1 Roofing supplies slate on site, each piece of slate is examined and graded, checked for nailing on the roofs, punched holes, size of the slates and cuttings of eaves. Traditional slate roofs are found expensive but are also labour intensive.

The services of A1 Roofing include the supply and fixing of Eternite man-made slates which are laid in the traditional way, fixed with crampons and copper nails. A 1 Roofing also supplies man-made interlocking slate as well as terracotta interlocking roof tiles.