DBI-SALA, a 3M brand dedicated to the fall protection market, recently launched their new Tool Safety Straps.  

Tool safety straps are designed for use in various industries that involve working at heights to keep equipment from falling on people or objects below. Tool safety straps are used to connect tools and equipment such as drills, hammers, torches, and spanners. One end of the tool safety strap connects to the tool and the other end to the users’ wrist, fall protection harness, or tool belt.  

Tool safety straps are available in a range of different models to suit different requirements. Elastic and non elastic models are available, with either a choke down cord, web loop or clip tool attachment system. Harness connection is via a karabiner and wrist connection is by means of a choke down system.  

The elasticated tool safety straps provide a greater range of motion and connect to fall protection harnesses or tool belts. Elasticated tool safety straps extend from 1 metre to 1.27 metres and are ideal for bulkier items, or items that are required to be set down on a work platform, or when using the piece of equipment less frequently.  

Non elastic tool safety straps are shorter at 500mm and 700mm, and can be connected to the user’s wrist by either a choker system or a Velcro locking system model for greater security. Non elastic tool safety straps are ideal for use with items such as spanners, screwdrivers, and torches that need to be kept within easy reach, or for items that are used more frequently.