Fall protection equipment specialist 3M announces the release of an upgraded version of its DBI-SALA NoWorries double stop descenders.

Redesigned for improved performance and greater capacity, the DBI-SALA NoWorries double stop descenders are part of the Rollgliss Technical Rescue range of products, and have been tested to multiple standards to increase certification, ratings and use criteria.

While many of the changes made to the NoWorries double stop descenders are not visible, they have substantially improved the performance of the product. Some of the enhancements include a more comfortable and ergonomic handle; smoother operation in descent; lower co-efficient of friction when up-hauling/belaying or using the device within a progress capture system; and increased efficiency when used on a slope or with lighter weights.

Constructed from aircraft grade aluminium, the descenders are stronger and lighter, featuring a 300kg working load limit and an improved maximum descent of 200 metres.

The improved NoWorries double stop descenders are available in two models to suit 10.5-12.0 or 12.5-13.0 kernmantle ropes. These versatile controlled descent devices are ideal for working at height or in rescue applications.