Fall protection systems specialist 3M announces the release of their new DBI-SALA Rope-Mate mechanical prusik designed and certified to meet various local and international standards.

Part of the Rollgliss Technical Rescue range of products, the Rope-Mate provides a safe and reliable tamperproof mechanical prusik that eliminates the use of knots or hitches, which could be tied incorrectly.

Rope-Mate mechanical prusik is manufactured from a single self-contained unit without pins or components to lose or work their way loose, while its compact and lightweight design ensures excellent handling and performance with no protruding bolts or pins getting in the way. Designed to perform in demanding conditions, the device provides superior corrosion resistance, strength and durability.

Key features of Rope-Mate mechanical prusik include load rating for up to 250kg on a variety of kernmantle ropes; non-invasive cam designed to lock down onto the rope when required, preventing rope damage while maintaining maximum hold; engineered to slip to avoid damage if overloaded; and anodised aluminium construction with a stainless steel axle.

Oscar Ratalino, Research and Development Manager for 3M Australia & New Zealand explains that the Rollgliss Rope-Mate provides a simple to rig mechanical prusik that is strong, convenient and ready for use when and where a rope connection is required. The slim profile of the Rope-Mate ensures there are no annoying catch points that can get in the way.

Safe and easy to use, Rope-Mate mechanical prusik can be operated by simply depressing the locking button, swivelling open the cover, inserting the rope and sliding the cover down till it locks into place. The Rope-Mate can easily and safely be removed or installed at any point on the rope without the need to remove the device from the karabiner connected to its attachment point, therefore reducing the risk of an accidental drop.

A world-leading designer and manufacturer of height safety, confined space and industrial rescue equipment with 20 operating sites worldwide, 3M is home of the DBI-SALA and PROTECTA brands.