Fall protection equipment specialist 3M introduces a fully automatic rescue and escape solution designed for use with minimal user training when working at height.

3M’s new Rollgliss R550 Rescue & Escape Device is a smaller, more lightweight escape system than the R500 series, and ideal for jobs involving wind and cell phone towers, aerial lifts and cranes among others.

The Rollgliss R550 is a safe, easy-to-use rescue and escape system offering fully automatic, hands-free descent. Featuring a lightweight yet durable cast aluminium housing, the Rollgliss R550 is the most compact device in its class on the market, replacing its bulkier predecessor, the R500 series in rescue, evacuation, or assisted rescue situations.

Key features of the Rollgliss R550 Rescue & Escape Device include integrated rope ears for greater descent speed control in assisted rescues; dual redundant brakes for added security and safety during automatic descent; bi-directional hub design enabling the rope to descend from either side, allowing the system’s use for immediate multiple descents; rated for up to two persons; and multiple rope length options up to 500 metres.

The Rollgliss R550 rescue system is recommended for use in a variety of situations, including emergency descents or a full rescue with the built-in rescue hub model. The multiple rope length options allow the Rollgliss R550’s use in a variety of environments and rescue and descent applications.

Rick Millar, Technical Manager for 3M Australia & New Zealand explains that the Rollgliss R550 eliminates any worry about complicated rescue devices in an emergency situation with the user-friendly design enabling workers to easily descend safely or perform a peer-to-peer rescue.

3M, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of height safety, confined space and industrial rescue equipment with 20 operating sites worldwide, is home of the DBI-SALA and PROTECTA brands.