Global fall protection specialist 3M has launched two new DBI-SALA access products in their FlexiGuard Engineered Systems range.

The new FlexiGuard Engineered Modular Unit (EMU) and SafRig are mobile access systems designed to provide an overhead anchorage point anywhere that fall protection is needed with 360° mobility.

FlexiGuard EMU

The FlexiGuard EMU is a lightweight system designed for easy adjustment, ensuring maximum flexibility without sacrificing safety. The lightweight design allows for effortless mobility around the jobsite with a forklift. The EMU system offers a choice of three adjustable height models and one fixed height version plus three mounting options, with the wide range of configurations meeting virtually any need. The EMU system is supplied with the Glide 360 horizontal rail fitted with a mobile trolley and self retracting lifeline.

FlexiGuard SafRig

A fixed height system available with an outrigger base or a counterweight base for added versatility, the FlexiGuard SafRig features forklift pockets strategically located on the base to ensure ease of mobility and placement at different job sites. The outrigger base does not require the weight of the vehicle as an anchoring force, allowing the system to be positioned virtually anywhere around the vehicle. The small frame allows trucks to be parked side by side during use. The SafRig system is fitted with a single anchor point and self retracting lifeline.

Greg Peterson, Engineered Systems Manager for 3M Australia & New Zealand explains that the FlexiGuard Engineered Systems range is developed to keep workers as safe as possible when working on heavy duty transportation equipment, loaders, trucks, aircraft or oversized equipment. He added that the new systems provide portable solutions for indoor and outdoor maintenance where mobility and worker safety are critical factors.

DBI-SALA’s FlexiGuard Access Systems offer a complete turnkey solution to meet the requirements of any specific application. Each system is delivered with detailed operation manuals and instructions for use tailored specifically to each piece of equipment, site and use.

3M, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of height safety, confined space and industrial rescue equipment with 20 operating sites worldwide, is home of the DBI-SALA and PROTECTA brands.