3M brand, DBI-SALA, has recently announced the launch of its new PenoGuard fall protection systems. These fall protection systems are innovative safety devices that significantly increase the safety of workers surrounding unprotected openings commonly seen in construction, civil works and confined workspace applications.  

When in the closed position the mesh gates securely cover the hole and visually alert any bystanders or personnel of the penetration. When placed in the open position, the PenoGuard is a four sided guard rail providing safe access to workers whilst minimising the risk of a fall.  

“Too many workers and innocent bystanders have been either severely or fatally injured by falling through unguarded or poorly guarded penetrations,” says Rick Millar, Technical Manager for 3M, Australia and New Zealand.  

These highly engineered 2-in-1 fall protection systems offer an effective solution for the prevention of falls around penetrations in a range of industrial applications. They are reusable and constructed from high quality steel to ensure high load capabilities and durability.

PenoGuard is simple to install, use, maintain and transport from facility to facility. When closed PenoGuard can be locked with a padlock to prevent unauthorised access.