DBI-SALA, a 3M brand dedicated to the fall protection market, has announced the launch of their new Force2 shock absorbing lanyard range. The new Force2 fall protection lanyard range is the first product of its type in Australia addressing heavy weight issues, strength and compatibility, while working at height. The range caters for workers who need to access areas with a risk of fall arrest and have a combined body weight with tools and equipment between 50kg and 160kg.

Additionally, the Force2 range provides a solution to the issues revolving around compatible hardware, forced roll-out and side gate loading that have been present on connecting hardware used in industry for some time. The Force2 range carries a new line of high strength hardware with gates rated to 16kN to remove the risk of accidental detachment from excessive force, otherwise known as cross gate loading. The hardware is also fully compatible, meaning that a correctly sized anchorage D-ring cannot physically contact the gate latch, removing all risks associated with forced roll-out.

Each and every hook on the Force2 lanyards also include a (patent pending) latch protection device (LPD). The LPD reduces the risks that can become present in various work methods/techniques that causes webbing to wrap around the back of the locking gate of the hook and unintentionally ‘trip’ the gate, a common problem present with all brands of lanyards and pole straps out in the field.

According to Michael Biddle, Managing Director, 3M, Australia and New Zealand, 3M have gone above the standard resolving industry issues relating to compatible hardware, forced roll-out and cross gate loading. Lanyards are a critical component in any personal fall arrest system, it makes sense to use the safest lanyard on the market that factors in weight, compatibility and roll-out issues.

DBI-SALA’s i-Safe intelligent safety system is built into every Force2 shock absorbing lanyard to track inspections, control inventory and manage information. i-Safe utilises RFID technology, which is equipped with most DBI-SALA products, with web-enabled information management to take fall protection to a new level of performance and safety.