3M have announced the launch of i-Safe 2.0, a significant upgrade that makes managing a safety programme easier. i-Safe 2.0, engineered in response to customer feedback, has new features and improved functions, making it an advanced RFID system for safety equipment tracking.

The i-Safe Intelligent Safety System consists of RFID tags, a mobile reader and a web portal. RFID tags are standard on most new DBI-SALA fall protection equipment. Retrofit tags are available to outfit existing equipment lines, including fall protection equipment from any manufacturer, as well as other equipment, such as ladders, fire extinguishers and power tools. The mobile reader scans the tags to record inspections, makes job assignments or manages inventory in the field. Data can then be uploaded to the interactive web portal.

i-Safe 2.0 offers additional features and options, more intuitive functions and an added layer of security, making operation of the system more user-friendly, and further reducing the amount of time spent tracking inventory and logging inspections.

i-Safe 2.0 has a multitude of improvements from appearance to report writing, and is designed to save the safety director’s valuable time.

i-Safe 2.0 has an improved data import option, which allows users to upload information to the web portal from spreadsheets using a template, thus reducing data entry requirements. Data export and reporting options have improved, allowing the user to produce files in multiple formats complete with filtering and sorting capabilities, thereby making report building fast and efficient. Furthermore, the mobile device can now be used to edit data and programme new RFID retrofit tags, which will update the information on the web portal upon syncing. New syncing software will update only new data on demand, allowing the mobile device to sync in just a few seconds.

The web portal and mobile device look alike, and options on both are more intuitive. The portal features top-level navigation consisting of six tabs with drop-down menus. ‘My i-Safe Dashboard’ provides a daily snapshot of inspection history, inspections due and inventory status at a glance. Detailed inspection histories are easier to obtain, and inspection question entry has been simplified.

Additional new features on the web portal include the option to ‘retire’ equipment from service, should it be involved in a fall or fail an inspection, and to assign graduated authority, which allows the administrator to determine which other users can view and edit items. These features add up to significant time savings and improved data accuracy.

Electronic equipment tracking keeps data easily accessible and eliminates the potential for illegible entries, ensuring records are accurate and inspections are conducted on time. Compared to paper-based systems, i-Safe 2.0 reduces time spent managing inventory by more than 30%.