3M Australia & New Zealand presents a newly redesigned and upgraded fall protection full body harness that provides total compliance, absolute confidence and uncompromising value.

3M recently announced the launch of their latest fall protection and safety innovation, the 3M Protecta PRO full-body harness range. The latest upgrade incorporates key productivity, comfort and safety elements for everyday use by professionals in a broad range of industry applications from general construction through to tower work. 

Available in a choice of eight models, the new 3M Protecta PRO full-body harness range includes a specialist Scaffolders harness with an integral Fall Protection for Tools belt to provide a complete drop prevention system. The Scaffolders harness allows the worker to safely climb and work from scaffolds and ladders while minimising the risk of falling object incidents that can result in personal injury, equipment damage, and tool loss. 

Oscar Ratalino, Research and Development Manager for 3M in Australia & New Zealand, explains that full-body harnesses are genuine working tools that allow workers to get on with the job without safety worries. The broad choice of models available in the newly upgraded range addresses the safety needs of every possible working environment. 

Feature highlights of the new 3M Protecta PRO full-body harness range include lighter hardware and improved adjustability for a perfect fit every time, ensuring absolute confidence, comfort and safety for the user; compliance and affordability making the harness an excellent safety solution for working at height; and wide choice of harnesses for a range of applications.

3M is a global manufacturer of fall protection, confined space and industrial rescue equipment and home of the DBI-SALA and Protecta brands. All of 3M’s fall protection equipment and services are backed by extensive training, knowledgeable technical assistance and professional customer service. 

Image: 3M Protecta PRO Scaffolders Harness