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    The end of 'One-size-fits-all': Leveraging flexible fittings to create universally accessible bathrooms

    In the context of bathroom design, designers and specifiers play a crucial role in minimising these difficulties by creating flexible bathrooms that can be adapted to meet the needs of a wide variety of users. Download this whitepaper to see how designers can leverage flexible bathroom fittings to create universally accessible bathrooms.

    The benefits of insulated wall panels in commercial projects: Performance, Passivhaus Design and compliance with the National Construction Code 2019

    To successfully deliver energy efficient, high-performing and code-compliant buildings, it is critical for Australian designers and specifiers to identify which building products allow them to effectively navigate the changing regulatory landscape. Download this whitepaper to see how high-quality insulated wall panels can help commercial buildings meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.

    Maximum efficiency, minimal footprint: Satisfying stakeholder requirements with semi-automatic car park systems

    Design and construction practitioners are seeking innovative car parking solutions that meet the requirements of all stakeholders, including developers, councils and end users, especially for high traffic environments. Download this whitepaper to see how safe and efficient semi-automatic car park systems can be leveraged to enhance contemporary car park design.

    Cladding, compliance & commercial construction: Understanding Australia's complex fire safety requirements

    It is essential for design and construction professionals to understand the risks of using non-compliant cladding products and identify cladding solutions that meet modern demands for fire safety. Download this whitepaper for an essential guide to the key considerations you must take into account when selecting cladding for your next project.

    An age-old solution to contemporary challenges: The resurgence of architectural timber in interior use

    In response, designers and specifiers are looking to the next generation of architectural timber products to meet modern requirements for building design and enhance their next commercial and residential project. Download this whitepaper to see how advances in technology have made architectural timber products a viable and sustainable solution in contemporary design and construction.

    Opening the door on a new age of community living

    Against the backdrop of Australia’s rapidly ageing population and the growing market for aged care and community living facilities, designers and developers must identify design solutions that maximise resident comfort, ease, safety and independence. Download this whitepaper for essential guidance on the efficient specification of doors and circulation spaces in the new age of community living.

    Sound matters: Understanding acoustic flooring and the relevant national construction code requirements

    Australian designers and specifiers must consider a wide range of factors. Acoustic performance in the context of floor coverings is one area that requires special attention. Download this whitepaper to see how informed specification of acoustic flooring can enable compliance with the NCC and deliver elevated levels of durability, aesthetics and comfort.

    Seal of approval: Meeting energy efficiency targets with high performance weather seals

    The leakage of conditioned air through windows and doors can lead to difficulties with indoor temperature regulation and increased energy consumption. Design and construction professionals are under pressure to address these kinds of inefficiencies in order to deliver buildings that meet demanding requirements for sustainability. Download this whitepaper to see how high quality weather seals can prevent air leaks and minimise our reliance on artificial heating and cooling systems.

    Making the old new again: Achieving fire performance in heritage projects

    It has been predicted that an additional 5,000 places will be protected under heritage regulations across Australia by 2025. This poses a significant challenge for design and construction professionals, who must ensure that heritage-listed buildings comply with the increasingly stringent performance requirements under the National Construction Code (NCC) without compromising their historical values.

    ESD: Achieving outcomes through careful specification of construction materials

    Extreme temperatures and increasing pollution levels highlight the negative impact of human activity on the environment. By implementing Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) principles, industry professionals can help create healthy, sustainable and efficient buildings. Download this whitepaper to see how responsible material specification can help your projects achieve a balance between sustainability, design integrity and performance.

    A specifier's guide: High performing, aesthetically-pleasing safety floor accessories

    It is critical for specifiers to understand the best practice for choosing fit-for-purpose, aesthetically-pleasing and high performance safety floor accessories to minimise safety risks in commercial spaces. Download this whitepaper to see how careful specification of tactile plates and stair nosings can create safer building environments, especially for the elderly and vision-impaired.

    Enhancing indoor air quality in schools with window automation

    Window automation represents one simple method of enhancing indoor air quality without relying on mechanical ventilation and the related environmental consequences. To find out about window automation and how it can be utilised to enhance the quality of educational spaces, download this free whitepaper.

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