Masuto is an elongated duplex that serves as a contemporary urban oasis; it enjoys an abundance of natural light, has a feeling of openness, is spatially refined and connected to the landscape.

contemporary urban architecture

Inhabitable garages and utility rooms share the common wall and habitable rooms are on the outer perimeter, thereby permitting more natural light and natural cross-ventilation to the elongated plan. A central courtyard and off-set external blockwork blade walls also allow natural light to flood the hallway and provide framed views and connection to the landscape while maintaining privacy between  neighbours. The opposite wall is the unassuming yet rich black stained vertical timber cladding which begins externally concealing the garage door then wraps the core of the duplex utility rooms.

The rich darkness of the black timber form is punctuated by novel, refreshing white openings and recesses. Along the hallway is the external coloured grey blockwork and floor to ceiling glazing which provides natural light, natural ventilation and a sense of the landscape creeping in.

The side courtyard and two storey void at the staircase enhance the journey through the home. It also allows the space to open vertically, both visually and acoustically, to connect the upper and ground floor living areas to each other, the landscape and the sky. The hallway is also slightly splayed from the entry, to further open up the connection to the north-facing open plan living, kitchen, dining and rear backyard; a private oasis complete with covered alfresco, pool and tranquil garden. The upper level is the private domain of the duplex containing bedrooms and a family room.

Passive solar design principles in conjunction with the thermal mass qualities of the reverse block veneer, and the proximity of landscaped vegetation has resulted in less energy consumption for lighting, heating and cooling, and improved natural cross-ventilation and air quality. The overall result is a more comfortable, healthier and enjoyable living environment.