contemporary townhouse facade

A departure from the traditional suburban streetscape experience of detached houses, this townhouse project has been designed to suit the needs of the contemporary Australian lifestyle.


The ‘Lux & Modern’ townhouses sit boldly on a prominent intersection in the leafy Melbourne suburb of Kew East.

Context and design

contemporary townhouse streetscape

Traditionally, townhouses are a form of urban densification that seek to create identity through a collective architectural expression. This can often result in them presenting a ‘hard wall’ with little variation.   

In this townhouse design, the aim was to blur the traditional experience of townhouses and attached houses. In this way, the design sought to achieve the same ‘point of view perspective’ by articulating the facades of the townhouses in a way that creates overlaps in form and a repetition of houses when people move down the street.

contemporary townhouse pitched corner

Further adding to the concept, the pitched angles of the detached houses have been included in the townhouses but re-interpreted within the design of the parapet silhouette.