Toohey Miller, renowned for its dedication to architectural innovation, is proud to introduce No.1 Onslow Place. 

1 onslow pl tzannes

This curated collection of six exclusive full-floor residences has been meticulously crafted in collaboration with acclaimed architectural visionary Tzannes, interior designer David Hicks and landscape architect Dangar Barin Smith, reimagining the very essence of luxury living on Elizabeth Bay’s prestigious dress-circle. 

All residences boast unparalleled views across the harbour, with four residences having two different sight aspects. Greeted by water morning and night, No.1 Onslow Place is the epitome of harbourside living.

Rooted in a profound understanding of its historical context, the architecture of No.1 Onslow Place is inspired by a strong sense of place, adding a contemporary yet timeless dimension to the heritage character of the coveted neighbourhood. 

1 onslow pl tzannes

Renowned architect Tzannes' meticulous craftsmanship intertwines tradition with innovation, evidenced in the distinctive curved brickwork, reminiscent of the iconic NYC art deco era into the 21st century. Tzannes is a leader in the design of the built environment, driven by a curiosity and passion for design excellence. Their work is celebrated for its enduring qualities and traditional construction methodology, demonstrated through the ‘built to last’ ethos of No.1 Onslow Place.

Marking his inaugural foray into luxury boutique apartments in Sydney, No. 1 Onslow Place boasts interiors meticulously crafted by renowned Australian interior designer David Hicks. His design strikes a harmonious balance between sophistication and functionality, offering world-class amenities and design ingenuity. Each residence consists of its own generously sized private lobby, complete with marble flooring and mirrored wall panelling. 

The seamless integration of natural oak, double herringbone parquetry flooring and white-honed marble adorned with tasteful grey and bronze accents lays a refined foundation for the residences, all of which share a consistent design language whilst offering a level of individuality in their approach.

1 onslow pl tzannes

The layout of each residence emphasises fluidity, with the living areas flowing effortlessly into private wrap-around terraces. Large windows allow unobstructed views of the harbour, bridging the gap between the comforts of the indoors and the beauty of the surroundings. Hicks' influence ensures that No.1 Onslow Place's interiors are not only stylish but also accommodating, offering a level of comfort and luxury akin to the finest international hotels.

"No.1 Onslow Place was designed not just as a development, but as six distinct and individual living
spaces," says Nick Couloumbis, Founder, Toohey Miller. 

“Toohey Miller has curated its consultant team, bringing David Hicks’ European and International flair, combined with Tzannes’ quintessentially Australian architecture, to create an environment that resonates with the legacy of the location while offering a fresh perspective on luxury living.”

1 onslow pl tzannes

“These residences are incredibly rare given their full-floor offering and views - we liken them to a Monet or Picasso. Rarity in property equals exceptional enduring value to future owners.

“Elizabeth Bay has some of the most beautiful views of the harbour. Perched so high, the elevated position of No.1 Onslow Place showcases views that are nothing short of spectacular. Every residence has an incredible view, four with two aspects, so residents can enjoy the tranquility of this picturesque pocket of Sydney. With Arthur McElhone Reserve across the road, juxtaposed by the energy and amenity of Macleay Street, a cosmopolitan playground housing Sydney’s best restaurants and retail stores, Elizabeth Bay has multifaceted allure.”

1 onslow pl tzannes

The penthouse at No.1 Onslow Place, spanning two floors, stands as a distinctive pinnacle of the project. Positioned to maximise its expansive views, the penthouse offers a sweeping 270-degree panorama of the ocean and sky. Its upper level is designed for entertainment, featuring a bar and lounge that overlook the vista. 

This grandeur is complemented by a luxurious powder room and steam room. With its own identity in finish, statement hand-selected green onyx, clad the kitchen, bar and bathrooms, adding a distinctive touch. The penthouse's design seamlessly connects this opulence to the rooftop pool through a glass wall, creating a captivating visual link.

1 onslow pl tzannes

Dangar Barin Smith's landscape design for No.1 Onslow Place complements the native context of Elizabeth Bay, with references to Arthur McElhone Reserve, harmonising the natural surroundings with the living spaces. 

The penthouse's expansive views find a counterpart in the generous pool deck adorned with succulent plantings, while minimalist ground cover and shrubs frame the vistas. Notable features like the Cabbage tree palms grove and lush tropical forest floor create a biophilic connection that enriches both street appeal and the residents' perspectives. Sustainability shines through the lower site courtyard's strategic light infiltration and terrace planter boxes. The entrance, characterised by Howea and Kentia palms, crafts a serene and welcoming atmosphere. 

Overall, Dangar Barin Smith's design transforms No.1 Onslow Place's landscape into an organic extension, fostering a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors.

1 onslow pl tzannes

No.1 Onslow Place emerges as an embodiment of architectural brilliance, reshaping the concept of luxury living in Sydney. With the collaborative efforts of Toohey Miller, Tzannes, David Hicks, and Dangar Barin Smith, this exclusive enclave stands as a testament to their collective vision and passion for redefining the boundaries of refined luxury living in the heart of Elizabeth Bay.