UWSCollege Teaching Facility, Bankstown allowed BKA Architecture to formalise its commitment to using good environmental principles, taking the solution beyond fundamental passive design and the use of sustainable materials.

UWSCollege comprises two blocks containing lecture theatres, seminar rooms, staff areas, computer rooms, student common areas and space for future laboratories.

BKA Architecture took advantage of the requirement for a Five Star Green design which allowed for; orientation of the building to north/south, naturally ventilated blocks with glazed louvers, as well as BMS controlled night flushing and three 20 thousand litre rainwater tanks.

Key initiatives:

  • Orientated north/south, the blocks are naturally ventilated with glazed louvers
  • When temperatures reach a designated comfort range, the louvers close and air conditioning takes over (BMS-mixed mode). Also, louvers open at night to promote night flushing
  • The top two levels are joined by voids, and expressed roof ventilators/ skylights promote ventilation by the ‘stack effect’
  • Lights are switched in small zones using motion sensors with override switches which allow users to turn lights off completely or dim the fixtures down
  • Three 20 thousand litre rainwater tanks to provide toilet flushing and landscape irrigation
  • Most materials are able to be recycled
  • At the building’s entry, a monitor displays the environmental aspects of the building and provides up to date technical data of the building’s usage. This will inform and educate the students, staff and visitors about day to day basis of the building’s operation and its sustainability
  • Overall design achieves 5 Star Green Star rating.

Photography by Brett Boardman