Bathed in natural light with a double height vaulted ceiling, Katoomba Library is a new community living room providing multi-functional spaces and supporting a variety of activities for all ages.

Timber features create internal landmarks that lead towards the lounging mezzanine with magnificent views to the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. The interior “reflects the diverse and rich local identity and creates a safe and inclusive space that people love”. The environment, both natural and urban, provided the inspiration.

Well designed with sufficient thermal mass to mitigate extreme temperature fluctuations, the building features a western fa├žade shielded by colonnades and large southern double glazed windows.

Interface carpet tiles were used throughout for flexibility and their sustainability credentials, while energy efficient luminaries with sensors were specified. Many GECA approved fabrics and some furniture were used, such as the Macquarie fabrics, Kingfisher shelving by ABAX and Jardan lounges. The building also has access to ample natural light.

Key initiatives:

  • Sustainable products and suppliers
  • Rationalised use of staff time/ expertise and resources
  • Connecting to local community and local identity creating ownership

Photography by Robert Walsh