Melbourne’s Burnet Institute has been given a refresh by Studio Tate, which sees the institution’s work floor enlivened with a colourful palette infused by an influx of natural light.

Burnet Institute sought a workplace that would reinforce strong health values and extend the company’s culture. Set within the Alfred Health precinct, Studio Tate devised a carefully considered design to optimise efficiency, while providing intuitive wayfinding and facilitating genuine exchanges between staff and visitors.

The earthy tones seen amongst the Institute’s photography collection was mimicked by the practice, with shades of terracotta, eucalypt green and a deep berry hue defining perimeter work zones. Many offices around the perimeter of the building have been removed which has allowed for natural light to permeate the work floor and for sweeping park views to the north.

“Pathways of travel were considered from the outset. Three new thoroughfares are crafted between east and west workspaces to encourage team agility, with communal and breakout areas inviting staff to interact, collaborate and connect,” says Alex Hopkins, Design Director of Studio Tate.

A central kitchen hub located to the east allows for occupants to congregate and socialise. Mellow timber and terrazzo accents make for a residential touch as opposed to a harsh commercial feel. Sustainability sits atop of the list of priorities for both Studio Tate and the Institute, with carpets made from recycled yarn, while fabrics are made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled polyester.

Table heights, tap locations and paths of travel were reviewed by a consultant to improve accessibility. The Institute’s Chief Operating Officer, Mark Tennent, believes the revitalisation of the workspace has employees primed and ready to return to the office on a full time basis following the pandemic.

“Part of the redesign was to encourage people to come in and come together. With Studio Tate, we were able to think about hybrid solutions, with spaces that build team relationships and boost office morale.”

Indeed, Studio Tate’s skilful redesign of the Burnet Institute workplace reflects a sense of collective optimism and strength. The result is an energised workspace that reflects the Burnet Institute’s philanthropic pursuits and elevates the working lives and prosperity of their people.