Europe’s World Class Building Envelope Airtightness system for Passive House and High Performance super energy efficient structures. Since 1966, SIGA has been building its specialism and dominance in the Airtightness industry with VOC tapes and vapour control membranes. Unique in the industry we are the only supplier to research, develop and manufacture these products at our custom built wholly owned facilities in Ruswill and Schachen, Switerland. This allows us to closely control the quality of our products. Majrex® our world-first patented ‘Hygrobrid® technology’ vapour control membrane is the next platform in vapour control membrane technology and proven to significantly reduce moisture development in the structure, over existing available membranes. This is a quantum leap forward in Building Physics and consequently it’s the only Airtightness membrane to be approved by the Passive House Institute! To specify for commercial or residential projects simply notate “Builder must use the SIGA Airtightness System”. We will assist the builder to comply fully throught estimating and training.

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