PGH Bricks and Pavers brings a sophisticated, European style to Australian buildings with the launch of Morada.

A premium brick collection, Morada is formed in Spain using the finest clay to create a smooth, matte, porcelain-like finish

Providing architects and builders with versatility, Morada includes four fresh, contemporary colours in three sizes: linear, split and standard.

  • Blanco offers designers the pure freshness of contemporary white  
  • Ceniza complements the other shades in a subtle, raw, urban light grey 
  • Gris provides the elegant, earthy warmth of charcoal grey 
  • Nero black is robust, dynamic and striking

The Morada collection delivers powerful exterior and statement interior designs and architectural features. The proportions of split and linear bricks enable designers to integrate slender, sleek lines within a residential or commercial project.

Design creativity is endless. The modular proportions of Morada reduce the need for brick cuts, while still enabling striking bond patterns and creative laying techniques. The colour through nature of the bricks allows for creative bricklaying including corbelling, and hit and miss brickwork.

The Morada colour palette encourages experimenting with mortar to create a seamless canvas or defined brickwork, or combine with other materials for features that inject personality and elegance into a building.