Urbanline’s new Alu Selekta cladding combines timber’s natural beauty with a solid aluminium extruded profile that complies with the NCC and the Australian Standard AS1530. It doesn’t burn or contribute to the spread of fire – and comes with low-maintenance durability, built for Australian climates.

A truly realistic timber alternative, each panel boasts a random computer-generated pattern, ensuring a unique, natural appearance. Add the safety and strength of aluminium and you have the perfect choice for urban high rises and buildings in bushfire rated areas.

For cost-effective smarts, it’s also designed to pair with Urbanline’s popular timber composite, Euro Selekta. match the colours of Dark Cedar, African Ebony or Silver Oak to their Euro Selekta counterpart for a seamless monochromatic style, or mix and match for eye-catching contrasts and patterns.

Lightweight and easy to work with, Alu Selekta is deceptively tough: resistant to fire, wind, hail and rain. Its reflective properties make it a natural energy efficient insulator, keeping buildings warm in winter and cool in summer. It’s a dream for designers, builders, installers, owners and occupiers – all wrapped up in one strong, stylish, safe package.

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