A study conducted by the Roofing Tile Association of Australia at the University of Newcastle has found dark coloured roof tiles more energy efficient than corrugated steel.
The study found that the roof tiles reflect more heat than corrugated steel roofing, as a result reducing the need for the homeowner to pay for artificial cooling through air-conditioning and other electrical cooling systems.

The study found that homeowners can save up to $803.12 per year off their cooling costs if they use dark coloured roof tiles instead of corrugated steel, or a saving at $349.18 per year if they use light coloured tiles.

The savings are based on a roof size of 250 sqm and the average electricity price of 19.68 cents per kilowatt hour.

Bristile Roofing marketing coordinator Michael Monro said: “This study and those overseas show clearly that roof tiles reflect more heat away from the home than metal roofing of the same colour. This means the roof tile has lower solar absorption rate and therefore saves money for the homeowner.”

“The research also shows that roof tiles’ manufacture, transport and extraction as raw materials involve 24 per cent less energy expended than the production of sheet metal roofing”, he added.