Vintage design and the rise of new technology are among the key influences that will influence Dulux colour designs over the next 12 months after colour experts studied global trends to develop six palettes for 2013.

The Dulux Colour Forecast this year draws on the themes of “movement”; social change, people power and the march of the digital age. It explores how colour is shifting and changing in modern times.

Dulux forecasters have identified six palettes; Merge is warm and earthy. Seek updates vintage shades. Empower’s blue-greens speak of confidence. Relaxing Rise uses a Japanese-inspired aesthetic. Share is monochromatic with metal and stone influences. Blur is bold and daring.

Australian interior designer Miriam Fanning, of Mim Design, says “concretes”, whites and soft parchments, will be a consistent thread in the next 12 months.

“My personal favourite palette is the Share palette, in particular the colour ‘Clear Concrete’ as I believe this colour will have a lot of versatility,” Ms Fanning says.

Dulux Colour and Communications consultant Bree Leech predicts that muted red tones such as Dulux Persimmon, Helena Rose and Diva Rouge will also prove particularly popular over the next year.

“Trends are there to inspire you to be creative with colour and bring to your attention colours or colour combinations you hadn’t considered,” Ms Leech says.

“Paint and colour has come a long way from just being a colour on a wall – sometimes it’s not about the art that hangs on the wall it’s the paint becoming the art,” Ms Fanning says.