A ‘virtual’ perimeter-fence alert system that uses thermal imaging cameras was named Best New Product at Security2011 - Australia’s largest security conference and exhibition.

The winning nomination, FLIR Systems Thermal Fence, is an integrated virtual perimeter alert system which uses thermal security cameras for simultaneous threat detection and assessment.

The fence technology combines thermal security cameras, video analytics software and other intrusion detection sensors.

Held in Sydney, Security2011 is organised by The Australian Security Industry Association Ltd (ASIAL) - the peak national body representing approximately 85 per cent of the security industry in Australia from large corporate entities to small and medium sized operations.

FLIR, a manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras, says Thermal Fence is a turnkey solution for integrating and displaying the status and feedback from all perimeter security sensors on one display.

The company says the product provides automated perimeter approach surveillance, intrusion detection and alert capabilities for perimeter security application including critical infrastructure, petro-chemical facilities, nuclear facilities, commercial campuses and residential installations.

In its simplest form, a Thermal Fence could be a single thermal security camera and a box of FLIR Sensor Manager software, which can establish a virtual perimeter, create customized alarms and tripwires to alert you instantly to potential intrusions.