Centaman Systems has launched the Centurion EasyGate SG.

The next generation pedestrian speedgate combines fast acting glass doors with IR sensors to detect unauthorised users and tailgaters.

The enclosure allows for a near transparent pedestal design, which has the option for customisable decorative tops which further help the unit blend in with the building fabric.

The door-like action of the glass barriers allows the same slim pedestal to be used for both standard width and wheelchair width lanes alike.

The glass doors are driven by quiet motors which open the doors away from authorised users thereby allowing easy use of the EasyGate even if the person is carrying luggage, a sports bag, or briefcase. The doors close quickly behind the authorised person to deter any unauthorised entrants and provide a secure solution.

EasyGate combines safety IR sensors and torque detection that stops the barriers from moving if they sense an obstruction. It also integrates with fire alarm systems so that in an emergency the barriers automatically open in the exit direction for free egress.