Australian roofing supplier, Bristile Roofing has launched a comprehensive and easy to understand brochure for home builders titled “Roof Tiles for Living”.

The 28 page, Roof Tiles for Living brochure offers a wide range of information on roofing materials, the impact of roofing accessories (such as sarking, insulation and ventilation), the impact of roof colour and much more.

The brochure also illustrates roof tiles practical benefits in a number of areas including strength, longevity, thermal performance, solar absorbance, embodied energy and reusability.

Bristile Roofing worked with industry professionals in Australia and abroad to create the content for the brochure.

Commenting on the new brochure, Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Bristile Roofing, Mr Michael Monro said, “This new brochure will work as a simplified guide to roofing products offering detailed advice to anyone wanting to choose the right roofing products for their home.”