In line with emerging worldwide trends, Beaumont Tiles has revealed its 2012 trend forecast for tapware, set to feature a blend of elegance and masculinity, in sleek and refined styles.

Beaumont Tiles’ National Bathroomware Buyer Darcy Shaw says “The trends for 2012 encompass bold design elements, and a stylish edginess about them, inspired by lifestyle, luxury and a consumer demand for multifunction pieces.”

Angular tapware outlets and handles take a decided step away from the rounded, flowing designs of the previous years.

Tap mixers and wall basins are increasingly beginning to showcase architectural designs, with the tap mixer and outlet pieced onto the same panel.

Large masculine style sink mixers, and retractable hose taps are becoming a focal element of many new kitchens, which contrast the use of open bench space with statement tapware and appliances.

“Manufacturers are starting to adopt new technologies and it won’t be long before we see features such as electronic touch pad controls as a common feature within the Australian tapware market,” Mr Shaw says.

The introduction of LED lighting systems that can indicate the temperature of the water flowing through the taps will also begin to be introduced into the mainstream tapware market in the near future.