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    News Archive for November 2023

    How glass selection impacts thermal comfort and energy efficiency in your home

    While the use of glass brings light, air and sunshine into homes, it can also make it challenging to ensure thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

    Leverage prefab to boost efficiency and reduce costs in your construction business

    Running a successful construction business requires you to stay on top of the many trades working on your projects. But what if there was a way to simplify your operations while reducing costs?

    Design at the forefront at the new Humphrey’s Hotel and Hatch Restaurant

    Humphrey’s Hotel and Hatch Restaurant at One Hurstville Plaza have opened, with the 350-capacity venue set to redefine the concept of the ‘local’ and become South Sydney’s newest go-to dining destination, according to the owners.

    How the ecoFinish coating protects your Plungie concrete pool

    Every Plungie precast concrete pool comes with a high-performance thermo-polymer internal coating that protects it from long-term structural damage.

    Expansive glass elements stream natural light into luxury Coorparoo apartments

    These sublime glass features not only illuminate every nook and cranny of the apartments but also blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces through the deft deployment of sliding windows and doors.

    City of Sydney pushes ahead with Circular Quay public space plan

    City of Sydney says that it has appointed a design and construction company that will create some 1,200 sqm additional outdoor dining, trading and market space at the iconic Circular Quay.

    Planning changes to allow an abundance of new housing models across NSW

    In a bid to boost housing supply, the NSW Government has announced changes to planning laws that will see a number of low and mid-rise buildings – including terraces, townhouses and small apartment blocks – able to be developed in areas where they are currently banned.

    Timber T3 reaches construction completion

    Melbourne’s tallest mass timber office building, Hines’ T3 Collingwood, has finished construction, with the Jackson Clements Burrows-designed tower an embodiment of a contemporary, sustainable workspace.

    Why biophilic design is more than just a trend

    Biophilic design aims to enhance our innate biological connection with nature by bringing natural elements into the built environment. This can be achieved by selecting natural materials such as wood and stone, using organic and biomorphic shapes and forms, incorporating plants, adding earthy textures and colours, and maximising natural lighting and ventilation.

    Why are the potholes on our roads getting worse?

    If you’re a driver, particularly in the country, you could be forgiven for thinking potholes have become a design feature of Australia’s local roads.

    Global coworking group to open its first flexible workspace in Australia

    Seeking to capitalise on the continued preference for flexible working styles post-COVID, The Great Room by Industrious will open the doors to its new high-end, hospitality-led coworking space at Level 29, 85 Castlereagh Street in Sydney’s CBD in January 2024.

    GoodWe’s BIPV carport solar panels now in Australia

    Tailored primarily for carports and shade rooftops, this series of products offers a power output of 550W, boasting a solar efficiency of 20.4%.

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